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Case Study: Pinnacle Vodka

New Heights

When Pinnacle Vodka needed to make a splash upon launch into the US adult beverage market, it turned to the design expertise of Drake Display to create an iconic presence at the point of sale.


  • Provide a show-stopping display that would allow the Pinnacle brand to take a front and center position
  • Inform and inspire vodka lovers to experience a new player in the crowded vodka market
  • Reflect the French heritage of the brand both visually and stylistically

SOLUTION: Drake Display knows that iconic brands need iconic visuals. Therefore, the design teams decided to focus on the international appeal and instant recognizability of the Eiffel Tower – France’s most endearing landmark. The final solution required no gluing for easy manufacture and it shipped flat to retailers to minimize shipping costs. Full color litho printing and dramatic die-cuts finished off the look of the famed tower and provided a powerful backdrop. RESULTS: Drake’s solution was instrumental in making a major impression on vodka drinkers everywhere!

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