Sometimes you just need to drive go karts with your co-workers.

Jeremy Criswell, director of creative services for the Drake Ideas team, planned a Friday afternoon with a team lunch followed by go kart fun and a little healthy competition.

Of course, some were more competitive than others-trophies were at stake!

Here are some images from our day:

Waiting for the next race to begin and betting on who will win!

“How fast can this thing go, anyway?”

The coveted trophies! Angel took 1st place! James in 2nd and Joe in 3rd.

We’re fortunate that we work well together as a team and when things get busy, it’s all hands on deck. Having a day where we eat pizza, drive go karts and laugh at each other is good fun, but it also helps to foster an ongoing culture here at Drake Ideas where we stay connected and compatible as a team.